Saturday, August 3, 2013

My new makeup storage

I've been looking for a way to store my makeup, since I have quite a variety of small things. I saw in-drawer storage solutions that crafty people made by hand and everything fit perfectly, and they looked wonderful! However, I don't have time to make something like this, nor a spare drawer to put them in. I went to IKEA and browsed for nifty things, but nothing was quite as handy as what I needed, save for buying a new desk (which I need to do anyway) and make sure the drawers work for what I need makeup-wise.

Then I saw this post from Sew Many Ways where she used a hardware drawer from Home Depot to organize small items. PERFECT. So I went shopping, and here's what I found!

My new storage solution from Home Depot. It has a handle on top, and the doors snap and/or lock shut.

This is Husky Mobile Pro Organizer with 18 Small Parts Drawer from Home Depot, for the incredibly low price of $15. Holy goodness batman. And the cute little huskies on front! My mom always said I always had a "punk rock" style, so this is awesome for me, but if you don't like the doors, you could just cover them with cute fabric. When I get sick of seeing my makeup behind the doors, I'll put some fabric behind it so it looks organized without covering my little huskies.

This is what it looks like on the inside now. 12 small compartments (eyeliner, mascara, lips gloss, eyeshadow, primers, etc) and 6 huge ones (powder, foundation, awkwardly shaped containers). They have a depth of just under 7.25 inches space. They are held in back by just some extra plastic (not a solid back, just pieces to keep the compartments from moving), and you can close the doors on front to keep them in if you're moving it.

Just showing you what kinds of organization/storage I used. You can see what the containers fit well (Sephora eyeshadow, an older Maybelline eyeshadow, LA Colors and Hot Topic smokey eye palettes (not shown), Maybelline Color Tattoo, e.l.f. duos, some older Clinique eyeshadows) and what containers didn't fit so well (Sugarpill loose pigment was too tall, The Body Shop color cubes were too wide (though I could have taken them out of the big square and into the small cubes and it would have fit fine), old Hot Topic eyeshadows by Warpaint Beauty). The larger ones were a perfect height for my drug store liquid foundations, perfect length for anything that came in a tube or sticks of eyeliner (except the new Wet n Wild 99 cent color icon pencils), and large enough to handle anything that was just barely too skinny for my small drawers.

Then I took these pictures and went "hmm, I might have too much makeup!" No such thing, I know, but this is super convenient and super cheap. If you need a different solution, there are more compartmentalized storage solutions/cases at Home Depot for much cheaper than I have ever seen at any makeup audience store.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I don't have a ton of makeup: you see me all made up ALL the time! ;) But I have a lot of Bare Minerals jars ... and I can't find anything that keeps them flat. I don't mind resettling the contents after traveling, but not everyday. Thanks, again!