Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Neutral with Pop of Color

This was just a simple, quick look. Lots of neutrals that blended in, just a smudge of color. You can use whatever color you want here, the joy of having such a basic lid with this look is really anything matches. (Purple, red, green, emerald, yellow, orange - whatever eyeshadow you can never find a way to use but it looks so great, use it here!)

Products Used:
Concealer (in place of a primer)
Sugarpill loose pigmenet in Tipsy (metallic light green) - or whatever eyeshadow you want, this is the wildcard
Maybelline New York Expertwear Eyeshadow in Rose Tints (sheer shimmer light pink and sheer light brown)
Clinique eyeshadow in Midnight (matte black)
MAC Fluidline (gel eyeliner) in Blacktrack
Brow pencil (random drugstore brand, I think Maybelline?)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto (mascara)

Wow, I have a lot of Maybelline.

Anyway, start off this look by priming your eyelids. I don't like to use my expensive ones using neutrals personally, just because it's a light wash of color and it looks almost natural. I just put my concealer over my lids to give the product something to stick to other than an oily eyelid throughout the day.

Next up, I just grabbed my dome eyeshadow brush (natural, fluffy.. any brush really) and put some of the sheer, light brown on. Mine has a little shimmer to it. (Maybelline Rose Tint duo, darker color. I'm not sure if this product is new or not, I bought this originally when I started doing makeup like ten years ago. I wasn't an eyeshadow fan until recently and this is just an easy color to apply that's difficult to mess up, so I use it sometimes.) Just put this from the lid, through the crease, and into the upper eyelid - stop before the browbone. I just used this to darken up the eye area and give it some dimension.

Next, grab a fluffy brush and use some of the shimmery light pink (Maybelline Rose Tint duo, lighter color). Put this on your browbone and inner corner as highlights.

Now use a thin brush and grab some of your color of choice. I used a bright, glittery, shimmery green (Tipsy by Sugarpill). Apply it right up against the lashline, going from the tear duct to the outer corner. Grab a smudge brush (short, stiff) and just go over it in sweeping motions to blend it out.

Apply eyeliner with your favorite brush, I used an angled one and went from inner corner to a winged outer corner, increasing thickness to emphasize the wing and elongate my eye, simply because I prefer that shape. Line lower lash line as well (push in gently on your skin to push the waterline out, don't pull down). Next up, grab any skinny brush and go over that gel liner with some black eyeshadow (Midnight by Clinique) to set it.

Fill in your brows, curl your eyelashes, put on your favorite mascara (Maybelline Lash Stiletto).

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