Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bold Emerald and Gold

This picture was taken after a 9 hour shift at work. Held up pretty well, don't you think?

Products Used:
Urban Decay Potion Primer (eyeshadow primer)
Maybelline Color Tattoo (cream eyeshadow) in Audacious Asphalt (charcoal)
Sugarpill loose pigmenet in Tipsy (bright green)
Clinique eyeshadow in Midnight (matte black)
SHANY 180 Color Eyeshadow Palette (shimmer gold, shimmer white)
MAC Fluidline (gel eyeliner) in Blacktrack
Brow pencil (random drugstore brand, I think Maybelline?)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto (mascara)
Black eyeliner pencil

First up, UD's eyeshadow primer applied with finger. Then I used a stiff synthetic eyeshadow brush to apply Maybelline Color Tattoo in Audacious Asphalt. I really love Sugarpill's green, but I wanted more of a dark base under it today. If you're going for super bright and shiny, skip the Color Tattoo. Next, I used a stiff natural eyeshadow brush to apply Sugarpill loose pigment in Tipsy to the lid up to the crease. Then I used a fluffy brush to apply a shimmery gold color from my Shany palette to the upper lid, and blended the two. Then I used a pencil brush to put black on the outer third of my lid and bring it gently into the crease, just to add some dimension to the look.

I used an eyeliner pencil on the lower lashline, then blended it out with my finger. (Color Tattoo seemed much harder to control in such a skinny space, this is again just to add darkness to Tipsy. If you skipped Color Tattoo, you can skip this as well.) Use a clean pencil brush (I used a different eyeliner brush, 'cause it's also pretty skinny and I didn't mind going back in for more pigment) to the lower lash line and buff it out. Finally, put shimmer white on the browbone/inner corner for a highlight. Blend well.

Apply eyeliner with your favorite brush, I used an angled one and went from inner corner to a winged outer corner, increasing thickness to emphasize the wing and dimension with the black eyeshadow. Line lower lash line as well (push in gently on your skin to push the waterline out, don't pull down). Next up, grab any skinny brush and go over that gel liner with some black eyeshadow (Midnight by Clinique) to set it.

Curl lashes, apply favorite mascara, fill in brows.

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