Thursday, June 20, 2013

Smoked Out Garnet

Products used:
Urban Decay Potion Primer (eyeshadow primer, don't wear eyeshadow without one!)
Maybelline Color Tattoo (cream eyeshadow) in Audacious Asphalt (charcoal) and Pomegranate Punk (garnet-ish)
Shany Eyeshadow Palette (a shimmer garnet color, a pink-ish white, a soft brown)
Clinique eyeshadow in Midnight (black)
MAC Fluidline (gel eyeliner) in Blacktrack
Maybelline Lash Stiletto (mascara)
Brow pencil (I don't remember the brand, just a cheap drugstore thing)

After using UD's pot primer, I used a stiff synthetic hair eyeshadow brush to put down Pomegranate Punk on the lid up to the crease and blended out the edge a little. Then I put on Audacious Asphalt closer to the lashline, and blended it just a little. This was just to get the darkness there and make sure these colors really didn't move.

Then I started with my Shany Eyeshadow Palette. This was a 180-ish or something palette I got from Amazon for about $25, I just wanted a lot of cheap colors. Basically any cheap eyeshadow palette will work, most of them are just licensed under different names, but made in the same manufacturing plant in Asia anyway.

Anyway, I just grabbed a light pink-ish color, put it on browbone/inner corner. This palette had a wonderful garnet that looks just like Pomegranate Punk but shimmery, so I put that on the entire lid with a stiff natural hair eyeshadow brush. Then I grabbed a fluffy brush and put on the light brown on the upper lid (above the crease, below the browbone) as a blending color. Just blend it out, make the transition as smokey as possible. I also used a pencil brush to put some garnet on the lower lash line, this really completes any look well.

Next up, I put MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack along the lash line. I used an angled eyeliner brush, but a push brush would work even better, since I did a pressing motion to get the most pigment along the lashline. Then I winged it out a little, just 'cause I love making my eye longer. I also lined my waterline (don't pull it down, use your finger or a Q-tip to gently press in, it'll flip out the waterline slightly and cause much less aging wrinkles). Then I used a smudge brush just to soften the line out. Finally, put some black eyeshadow (I used Clinique in Midnight) to set the eyeshadow. Just set it on, and smoke it out into that garnet color.

Curl lashes, apply favorite mascara, and done!

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