Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shimmery Golds and Pinks

I don't usually go for "normal" colors, but I got a lot of compliments today, so here we go.
Products Used:
Clinique eyeshadow in Midnight (matte black)
SHANY 180 Color Eyeshadow Palette (shimmer white, shimmer peach, shimmer pink, shimmer darker pink, matte brown)
MAC Fluidline (gel eyeliner) in Blacktrack
Brow pencil (random drugstore brand, I think Maybelline?)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto (mascara)

Since this isn't a very outlandish color and I'm not so concerned with creasing, I just used my face concealer on my eyelid to prime it. It's less expensive, but still gives the eyeshadow a base other than natural oils to stick to.

Next up, I put eyeshadow here -
Shimmer white - browbone, inner corner
Shimmer gold - inner half of lid
Shimmer pink - outer half of lid
Shimmer darker pink - outer third of lid, blended out and up a little
Shimmer peach - crease/upper lid
Matte brown - lower lashline
Blend them all together at the edges where they meet other colors, like I did above. You can kind of see that the outer third got out of hand, but I was in a bit of a rush, so I let mine get a little wild. You'll want to try to keep yours in the imaginary lines meet from your lower lashline extended out meets your eyebrow extended out... Mine got too low.

Apply eyeliner with your favorite brush, I used an angled one and went from inner corner to a winged outer corner, increasing thickness to emphasize the wing and elongate my eye, simply because I prefer that shape. Line lower lash line as well (push in gently on your skin to push the waterline out, don't pull down). Next up, grab any skinny brush and go over that gel liner with some black eyeshadow (Midnight by Clinique) to set it.

Curl lashes, apply favorite mascara, fill in brows.

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