Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunset Shimmer

This looks much more blended out in person, I promise! My cell phone camera just loves making me look bad.

Products Used:
Black eyeshadow pencil
Urban Decay Potion Primer (eyeshadow primer)
Sugarpill loose pigmenet in Hysteric (shimmer purple)
SHANY 180 Color Eyeshadow Palette (All shimmers - white or light gold, sand, yellow, red-orange, orange-pink)
MAC Fluidline (gel eyeliner) in Blacktrack
Brow pencil (random drugstore brand, I think Maybelline?)
Maybelline Lash Stiletto (mascara)
Black eyeliner pencil

Prime eyelids with UD Potion Primer.
For this look, I actually started out by lighting using my black eyeliner pencil gently smudged under the eye, then brought up to create the wing. This gave me a very visual cue for where I wanted to place shadows, and also made it much easier and quicker to do the gel liner later. Just follow the lower lash line as if it were to continue outwards to make that wing. Connect starting somewhere between center and outer third, then fill in the gap. Make sure it's symmetrical on both sides.

Next up, I started with the highlight of a light gold (white would work as well, warmer undertones are better here) on browbone and inner corner, then I put a sandy color in above the crease. This is just a shimmery nude for me, which is what I wanted - a nice color to blend that bright yellow into. Next up, I placed the yellow with the tip of my stiff eyeshadow brush. I wanted it to have a lot of pigment like that brush delivers, but I also wanted to move quicker than a tiny little pencil or smudge brush.

The thing I do differently with this look is eyeshadow placement. I typically do a highlighted inner corner, color on lid, and darker outer V. However, for this look, I didn't lay the first color (yellow) flat over the entire lid. I wanted each color to stand out as it went further, so I basically took the yellow and put it along my crease, connecting my inner corner with my eyeliner wing, but not filling it in really. Just enough pigment that you can see the yellow.

Next up, I used the same brush to grab some red-orange eyeshadow. Put that just below the yellow, again not filling in the gap, but just drawing a line. Next up, pink - same technique. I did a slight outer-V shape with this one, but it was very very slight. This was enough to have the pink blending into my eyeliner just a little.

We're not done with eyeshadow yet, but I don't want a bold, black line, so I'm going to use a gel liner and set it with the final purple color. So, gel liner and angled eyeliner brush over where you put the eyeliner on the upper lid originally. (We did the lower lash line as well, but I think that's enough darkness as is for me, no need to add more product just to try to smudge it out.) Line the waterline as well.

Next up, I used another eyeliner brush to pick up Hysteric loose pigment by Sugarpill. I pressed it on (no sweeping motions yet) to both upper and lower lashlines, then blended it gently with the same brush. The eyeliner gave it the sultry, almost smoked look, but the purple kept the sunset going, plus this pigment has a lot of interesting shimmers to it.

Finally, fill in your brows and throw on your favorite mascara. (Mine is Maybelline Lash Stiletto.)

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